Does Colloidal Silver Really Work in Killing Viruses?

Silver has been used for hundreds of years for its anti-bacteria properties. Exactly how it was discovered is uncertain. Silver was found to kill off harmful living germs. People of ancient times used silver goblets to keep their water safe and drinkable. Water that was not kept in these goblets had parasites and stuff swimming around in it. Colloidal silver is a colloid of microscopic bits of silver suspended in liquid.

What Are the Current Health Benefits in Killing Viruses with Colloidal Silver That Work?

The benefits have been the safe use in the medical industry as a coating for implements and tools that need to resist harmful bacteria. These are not items that are actually ingested. Large amounts of colloidal silver can be dangerous if used chronically. Over a length of time it is absorbed through the circulatory system.

There are a lot of different creams and other kinds of applications on the market made for colloidal silver uses. It has not really been proven that any of these are beneficial to an extreme or noticeably valuable asset to the medical industry, except in treating burns. Silver Nitrate is put into a newborn’s eyes at birth to effectively prevent conjunctivitis. It is a form of a colloid type substance micro scoped with silver.


Compared To the Past and Now, What Is the Value of Colloidal Silver Uses in Killing Viruses?

Before modern antibiotics came on the scene, doctors of the early 20th century used it as a way to prevent infection. As you know, we are much more advanced today, and many types and forms of sophisticated antibiotics approved by the Food and Drug Administration treat the more serious bacteria and viruses.

As a lot of new super viruses become resistant to current antibiotics because of over use, scientists are once again taking a look at colloidal silver uses. It has been becoming increasingly popular as an alternative healing agent, claimed by some to be a “heal-all”.


How About Sovereign Silver Uses and Its Ability to Kill Viruses?

Sovereign silver, a form of hydro sol, is also used to kill viruses claiming effectiveness. A hydro sol is a colloid suspension in water. Its effectiveness in killing viruses has not been proven scientifically to this date, even though studies are underway to find out if it is perhaps a new super drug for super viruses.

Silver water is a new alternative drug, using the same process of colloid. It is said to have properties that relieve all kinds of things such as stress, and making one’s appearance and skin more beautiful. It is also said to enliven sports performance and to strengthen the immune system. It is much like a magic tonic sold in the olden days by a peddler, like a carnival barker, riding around in his wagon to different towns with his super cure all tonic in a bottle.

So Does This Super Colloid Have the Virus Killing Properties It Claims?

It appears that not enough scientific studies have been done to prove rather this is a super killer of super viruses. We will have to wait and see what the outcome is as more studies are done on colloidal silver.



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