Healing Acne with Colloidal Silver


There are many people looking at colloidal silver for a variety of health reasons. However, for thousands of people, they don’t really know much about colloidal silver and think it won’t help for certain ailments. That isn’t exactly true and there are more people than ever before who are considering using colloidal silver. Can you really heal acne with colloidal silver?

Wash the Infected Area with Colloidal Silver

For those who want to heal acne with silver colloidal they will need to use cotton wool and colloidal silver. The cotton needs to be wetted with colloidal and it should be used to wash the entire face and neck area. However, users need to be very careful not to get this into their eyes but wash naturally and allow to air dry. This can be used before bedtime or even in the morning. Usually within a few weeks, there is a lot of healing from the acne and it doesn’t often leave many scarring either which is very important.

Why Does Acne Occur?

There are a variety of reasons why someone may experience acne. For some, it’s a simple phase they go through when they are children however, this isn’t always the case. Some can experience acne when their diet is poor and when their skin is prone to oiliness. If these two things are combined it could lead to someone having clogged pores which results in acne breaking out. However, people need to try and drink more water and reduce the amount of sugar and fats within their diet so that their pores aren’t clogged up because of these things. This is why more are trying sovereign silver and colloidal.

Is Silver Colloidal Safe To Use?

Most people don’t realize that sovereign silver and colloidal offers a natural antimicrobial which is very good. This is not only safe but it is effective and it can help with treating acne. There are of course many people out there who will disagree but for some this has proven to be most useful. Of course, everyone is different as is everyone’s skin sensitivity but in most cases, colloidal silver is safe enough to use on acne and skin prone to breakouts.

Acne Isn’t Just For Kids

One of the most important things to remember is that acne isn’t just for teenagers and young adults. Anyone and everyone can get acne in their life and they may still get it in their twenties, thirties or even forties. This is something that can affect anyone and that is why it’s important to find sovereign silver uses and see if silver can work for them too.

Heal Acne Quickly

There isn’t any real cure for acne other than the fact it’s important to keep the face cleansed and avoid the bad foods. However, for some, they can’t blame these things and its true, sometimes, acne breakouts occur after stress or because of oily prone skin. It can however be very important to look for solutions that will help heal acne including silver. Colloidal silver is very popular and it may help you.


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