What Are The Pros And Cons Of Colloidal Silver For Dogs?


Colloidal silver benefits have been well documented over the last few years and more are now using silver each and every day because of their apparent healing properties. However, when it comes to pets, owners really look at silver colloidal to help them too. There is a real history of success with this and for many pet owners, they like the idea of using this for their dogs. As with anything however there are both pros and cons of using silver, so what are they and should silver be used with dogs?

Can Be Used To Treat Many Ailments

Dogs can easily pick up a host of ailments and while most of them can be fairly minor, some are not and they can be difficult to treat. However with silver, things can be a lot easier. In fact, sovereign silver has been widely used to help treat a variety of ailments, even in dogs. This is a major advantage and certainly one reason why more look to silver each and every day.

Help Heal Wounds

One of the biggest reasons why more pet owners choose silver has to be because of its healing properties. Now, if silver colloidal is used externally on a dog it can be used to help heal a cut and even bad wounds. The silver can also be used as a disinfectant which is very important to help prevent infections. This is a huge advantage of silver and its one major reason why more pet owners are using this for their dogs. It is also said to help prevent discomfort and speed up the recovery time for injuries.

There Are Side Affects and Potential Risks

While there are a lot of positive silver benefits there are also potential risks and they can be very important to know about. Argyria is a serious condition which causes the dog’s skin to become grey and blue. There is even a risk of blood problems and organ failure which is extremely serious. These problems can arise through high doses and prolonged use of silver. That is a serious drawback of silver and for pets, especially dogs; it needs to be used with a lot of caution.

Doses Must Be Carefully Measured

With most things, there are going to be pros and cons of using silver and it is very important to think about the strength of silver being used. Doses really should be kept to a minimum because it can take its toll especially on a dog. You really want to keep your pets healthy and in the best condition possible so it’s wise to ensure their health comes first. Keep the doses reasonable and don’t use it every day. Colloidal silver benefits are great but you have to be careful how much you use.

More Will Use Sovereign Silver

Silver is highly appreciated today and it has been used for a number of years. People will continue to use silver and they will even use it for their pets. It isn’t uncommon to use silver on pets especially if they have been hurt and while there are many good benefits, there are also some risks. Know the risks and ensure you take care of your pet; ask the vet for some advice and don’t overdo things. Silver colloidal is a useful tool and it may be something that interests you: https://www.natural-immunogenics.com/.


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