What You Need to Know About Colloidal Silver for the Skin

It Is Silver

Before you ask, yes colloid silver is silver. It is silver that is broken down and mixed into a liquid. The bits of silver are microscopic, but if enough of it is mixed into the liquid or gel, you are able to see it.

Found In Everything

Silver is found in food and water and is not harmful in large doses. There is a side effect of colloidal silver, though, when you take it in large amounts. It will turn your skin blue. This is not something that happens to just a couple people that take too much of this stuff. Anyone that ingests too much colloidal silver could potentially have their skin turn blue.

It Is Not Healthy

The reason people ingest colloidal silver is because in some circles of medicine it is believed to have antibacterial properties and even help cure cancer. Just as the silver nano-particles on a wound dressing help stop bleeding, they believe that ingesting a colloidal silver solution will help ward off diseases. There are some, though, that believe colloidal silver does not have any healing powers and could be harmful to the body.

Stan Jones

Stan Jones, a politician from Montana, has a condition called argyria. This means he has a gray-blue skin color. He drank too much of a colloidal silver solution to “help ward of infectious diseases” and in return he got blue colored skin.

FDA Does Not Approve

The FDA has tried to put a stop to people trying to consume colloidal silver. They do not approve colloidal silver as a medicinal treatment. There are still companies that market it as a health supplement. However, the FDA does not have any oversight in the way of those selling health colloidal silver as a ‘health supplement.’

Can Turn Your Skin Blue

It does take a lot of colloidal silver to turn your skin blue, about two to four grams, and have you develop argyria. The reason your skin turns blue is because once the colloidal silver solution enters your digestive system the silver ions enter your blood stream. They can then pass through cellular walls and bind with amino acids inside your cells’ cytoplasm. These ions are dark in color which causes your skin to turn blue.

Sunlight Worsens Effects

Sunlight worsens the effects of colloidal silver. Silver stimulates pigment production which is what causes your skin to go from a light color to a tan. If you happen to get argyria, doctors will not be able to reverse the effects. Because it is rare that someone overdoses on a colloidal silver solution, doctors are not spending a lot of time trying to find a cure. There are a few dermatologists that are working to find a cure, but that could take awhile.

Do Not Use It

If you plan on ingesting a colloidal silver solution you should make sure that you do not take a lot. It still is not wise to ingest the solution anyway because most doctors and even the FDA have proven that it does not help cure diseases. There really is no reason to ingest more silver than what you already eat and drink. Just avoid colloidal silver and avoid getting blue skin.


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