Why You should Never Consume Colloidal Silver

As a natural antibiotic, colloidial silver is a natural antibiotic used by those who want to stay away from the conventional antibiotics that are out there. It’s cheap and easily obtained at many health food stores. Colloidial silver comes in liquid form with tiny silver particles suspended inside and is used either externally or internally.

Antibiotic Nature

More and more people are looking for alternative to using the conventional antibiotics that are increasingly creating antibiotic resistant organisms. The use of silver biotics isn’t new. It has been used for centuries and extensively researched with what some say are astonishing results. The pathogens we are trying to kill with the conventional antibiotics eventually become immune to the deadly poisons we are giving them. They build a tolerance and laugh in the face of antibiotics.

What makes colloidal silver different? It isn’t poisoning the pathogens. Instead the silver smothers them by adhering to the cell wall. This inhibits enzyme production which keeps the pathogens alive and reproducing working even with bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotics. Best of all you don’t get the undesirable side effects.

Why Consumption Isn’t Ideal

There are a lot of good things to be said about this product. The uses for colloidal silver are pretty good for keeping us healthy but like all healthy things there is a tipping point we have to watch out for. For silver, that tipping point is your decision on whether to consume it internally or not.

The first thing to know is that like lead, cadmium and aluminum, silver is a heavy metal that just accumulates in the body over time. We know what happens with metal toxicity because we have seen it in the past. That’s the reason why there is no longer lead in paint and children’s toys so why do we insist on “over medicating” ourselves with silver?

Metal accumulation in the body isn’t easy to undo. There are cases where an excess of silver has turned the skin blue permanently. This is reason enough not to consume the product but you also want to protect the delicate nature of your gut’s microbiome. Silver isn’t picky on what microbes it chooses to kill. The beneficial microbes that live inside us become victim to the silver and this can cause problems as well. It’s exactly what we want to avoid with conventional antibiotics.

False Marketing Claims

As with everything we consume hoping to make us healthier somehow, we have to look at all sides. There are manufacturers out there that claim silver biotics are a good thing and don’t harm the good bacteria inside us. The truth is, colloidal silver acts as a broad spectrum antibiotic which, if there is enough of it, will decimate all the microbial inhabitants killing good bacteria and bad bacteria. There is just no way for the silver to know which is the right one to attack.

While we can’ always know what’s safe and what’s not, we have to be conscientious about what we put in our bodies. There will always be claims that one product works over another. There will be more claims that the natural way is always the better way because that is the mentality we have. We strive to be the healthiest possible, it’s just our nature. However, before you become a part of the hype, do your research about the effects of a product. Not everything that is marketed as good is really good.


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